Addiction Therapy Programs in Pasadena, TX

Addiction is a disease that affects a person's body, mind, and spirit. The disease causes a person to become reliant on a particular substance and crave it above all others. They will engage in dangerous behaviors that can cause them to experience personal, professional, and legal difficulties. Ultimately, a person who struggles with addiction can pay for their habit with their life. However, addiction therapy programs in Pasadena aim to help a person overcome their addiction and learn how to live their life as a sober individual.

Addiction therapy programs can help a person build their support system, learn how to relieve stress and pressure associated with daily life, and start to lead a life that contributes to society and benefits others.

Many different addiction therapy programs in Pasadena exist. Because each person has unique needs, struggles, and activities they enjoy doing, having a wide variety of addiction therapy programs can help a person choose those that most appeal to them. Sometimes addiction therapy requires some trial and error. A person may need to try one program and if it does not help them in their sobriety, they can try another. The most important consideration is that a person continues to try.

Types of Therapy Programs for Addiction

From individual counseling to restorative yoga, addiction therapy programs in Pasadena include many different opportunities. At the core of each is a focus on helping an individual build a new and healthy lifestyle where they are equipped and ready to say no to a return to drug and alcohol abuse. If a person is uncertain as to which therapy addiction programs for drugs and alcohol to use, an addiction specialist at our drug rehab in Pasadena can often help a person choose.

Examples of Addiction Therapy Programs in Pasadena

SMART Recovery: SMART is an acronym that stands for Self-Management for Addiction Recovery. The program is long thought of as an alternative to traditional 12-step programs and has helped thousands of people recover from addiction and addictive behavior. The program uses the scientific principles of cognitive behavioral therapy to help a person identify addictive ways of thinking and change their behavior to resist a return to drugs and alcohol. The SMART recovery program features four main points:

  • Building and maintaining motivation.
  • Coping with urges.
  • Managing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
  • Living a balanced life.

Participants can engage with others through regular group therapy sessions. A common component of SMART Recovery is also medication treatment programs, such as Suboxone management for opiate addiction in Pasadena.

Moral Reconation Therapy: Moral reconation therapy (MRT) is a therapy program for addiction treatment that has shown great progress in helping treat those who have traditionally been treatment-resistant and had difficulty finding a treatment program that helps achieve lasting sobriety. It focuses on helping a person identify how drug abuse has affected others as well as themselves. Participants in the program engage in 16 different steps that help them identify how their thoughts are contributing to negative behaviors. Examples of these steps include a confrontation of beliefs, attitudes and behaviors as well as positive identity formation.

The program will typically last anywhere from 12 to 16 weeks. During this time, a person can make real progress in their sobriety and learning how to live a life free from drugs and alcohol.

12-Step Programs: Some of the most time-tested drug rehabilitation programs are the 12-step programs. Examples include Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Cocaine Anonymous. These programs help a participant work through the "12 steps," which include not only admitting to one's self that they are powerless over addiction and need the help of others, but also in instruction as to how to make reparations to individuals a person may have harmed during their drug abuse. This method is effective in our program for relapse prevention in Pasadena.

One of the greatest benefits of participation in a 12-step drug rehabilitation therapy program in Pasadena is the camaraderie the programs can afford. Participants can interact with others who are going through similar struggles and learn from their mistakes as well as achievements.

These addiction therapy programs in Pasadena are just a sample of those offered. Some people may opt for programs that are geared toward a specific gender. Or, others may prefer individualized counseling that provides one-on-one therapy for a person struggling with addiction. Whatever the addiction therapy program of choice, the most important consideration is that a person is ready and willing to get help. Call us now at (877) 804-1531 for help.

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