Drug Rehab in Pasadena, TX

When a person experiences a chronic illness, they typically seek medical help. However, addiction to drugs is a chronic condition that many fail to seek professional help to overcome. Drug rehab in Pasadena is a form of medical treatment that helps a person detox and withdraw from their drug dependence as well as learn to live their life as a clean and sober individual.

We offer a variety of programs for substance abuse treatment in Pasadena to account for each individual's unique circumstances. Drug addiction rehab can be the break in the seemingly endless cycle of vowing to quit using drugs and relapsing. Examples of services a drug rehab center may offer include:

  • Behavioral therapy and counseling
  • Mental health services
  • Group therapy and/or support groups
  • Medications administered to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms
  • Legal and financial services
  • Family and child care services
  • Helping a person find placement in a sober living facility, if desired

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, most drug rehab programs involve administering medications and participating in behavioral therapies as a means to become sober.

Common Drug Addiction Trends and Usage in Pasadena, TX

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, an estimated 45,612 individuals sought drug addiction rehab for substance abuse in Harris County, TX. Of these treatment admissions, an estimated 27 percent were due to marijuana, 23 percent due to alcohol addiction in Pasadena, 20 percent were due to heroin, and 17 percent were due to methamphetamine abuse.

Methamphetamine abuse as well as abuse is on the increase in Harris County, Texas, and an estimated 28 percent of all drug seizures in the county were for methamphetamine. This number is second only to marijuana, which accounted for 35 percent of all seizures.

According to Healthy Pasadena, an estimated 7.2 deaths per 100,000 members of the population were due to drug use. Regardless of the drug abused, these numbers show that drug addiction is a consistent problem in Pasadena and all of Harris County.

Treatment Options for Drug Rehab

If a person struggles with addiction in Pasadena, there are several different types of rehabilitation treatments available. Usually, the first decision a person makes regarding drug rehab in Pasadena is whether to choose inpatient or outpatient treatment.

Inpatient rehab in Pasadena involves staying on-site at a drug rehab center. By removing themselves from the stress and temptations of daily life, a person can ideally focus solely on their sobriety. During an inpatient rehab stay, a person will often participate in individual counseling sessions as well as group therapy. These sessions may be educational about the effects of drug abuse or may be focused on cognitive-behavioral techniques that help a person learn how to resist the urge to return to drug abuse after going home.

Outpatient rehabilitation is another treatment option. While the services tend to be very similar to inpatient treatment, a person in outpatient rehabilitation will return to their home at night and stay there instead of staying at a rehabilitation facility.

The decision of inpatient versus outpatient drug rehab in Pasadena is truly individual. However, there are some instances where inpatient rehab may be of greater benefit. This includes when a person suffers from a mental illness and drug addiction (known as a dual diagnosis), if a person does not have a supportive family at home, or if a person has a history of becoming sober and relapsing. Staff at our drug rehab treatment center can often help a person weigh the pros and cons to determine the best option for them.

Why Should I Enter a Drug Rehab in Pasadena?

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, there are five main reasons why a person does not seek drug rehab. These include:

  • The person is not truly ready to quit using drugs.
  • The person feels they can't afford the cost.
  • The person is concerned about how drug rehabilitation will affect their job.
  • The person isn't sure where to go to seek treatment.
  • The person is worried that others, such as neighbors or the community, will find out a person has sought rehab.

While all of these may be common reasons a person names for not going to rehab, none of them are as severe as the potential health-threatening and life-ruining effects that drug abuse can ultimately have on an individual.

Stopping abusing drugs can be hard, but it is made as easy as possible through drug addiction rehab services that help a person minimize the effects of drug withdrawals and learn positive coping methods that can help a person relieve stress and anxiety without turning to drug or alcohol abuse. Call us now for more information (877) 804-1531.

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