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Let's begin with learning what opiates are. Derived from the plant, poppy, originally, opiates have been around for thousands and thousands of years. Oftentimes, you'll find that some strains of opiates come from the natural, raw opium, while other opiates are manufactured, so that they are composed of the same chemical structure as the raw, natural form. As a side note, keep in mind that it is not at all a wise decision or medically advised to quit opiates on your own. Instead, seek the professional assistance of Pasadena Opiate Rehab.

More about opiates now. A variety of drugs ranging from illegal drugs such as heroin to legal drugs including codeine, morphine, and fentanyl are all included under the umbrella of opiates. They all share a commonality- the ability to slow down or depress the central nervous system of the body.

Opiates fall into three classifications. The first class is a naturally occurring opium derivative, such as morphine. The second class includes partly synthetic derivatives of morphine, which are referred to as opioids or opioid drugs comprising oxymorphone, oxycodone, and hydrocodone. The last and final class contains compounds which are synthetic; compounds such as alfentanil, levorphanol, Fentanyl, codeine, Propoxyphene, and methadone. Now that we've covered what opiates are, let's move onto opiate addiction and opiate addiction treatment.

Opiate Addiction and Opiate Addiction Treatment

First, let's quickly run through what an addiction is. Addiction is when a person becomes dependent on a substance, and regardless of wanting to stop taking the substance, the person is physically unable to. People never plan on developing an addiction when they first try a drug. Many things factor into what causes addiction. Addiction is a disease of the brain. Drugs modify how the brain functions and these modifications can last for quite some time. These can cause problems like:

  • Mood swings
  • Trouble thinking
  • Articulating
  • Memory loss

Just like cancer and diabetes are diseases, so is addiction. Addiction is not merely a weakness as oftentimes people think and judge. People from all walks of life and backgrounds can develop an addiction; rich, poor, famous, etc. Addiction may occur at any age, but it typically develops when a person is young.

Addiction takes complete control over a person. When someone develops an opiate addiction and wants to stop, it is a terrible idea, and even dangerous, to quit alone. It is courageous to admit one is powerless over something and needs something greater than themselves to change, however, quitting on your own is never a good idea. When a person is ready, they need to seek Opiate Detox Pasadena to ensure a safe detox and withdrawal process.

Opiate Detox and Recovery

Opiate Detox Pasadena can help a person quit opiates while easing their withdrawal symptoms. When a person has been fueling their body with chemicals, the body becomes dependent on the chemicals, so quitting them throws the body out of control. With a professionally supervised medical Opiate Detox Pasadena, an addict can withdrawal with the knowledge that they are in a safe place. A place to begin their new lives. It isn't an easy process, but it is one worth completing. Once the toxins are completely out of one's system, they can begin the treatment phase of recovery.

During the treatment phase at Pasadena Opiate Rehab, a person can solely focus on their recovery, while being surrounded by other addicts going through the same thing. Therapies and activities will be provided to each recovering addict. Along with a program tailored to each person. With this, a person can begin to develop new skills to get them through daily life without the crutch of their drug of choice.

Addicts may become apprehensive during the final stages of treatment, due to fear of what may happen when they are not living in a supervised, controlled setting. For these people, halfway houses and aftercare living facilities are available. Before leaving treatment, each person will sit with their adviser and come up with a solid aftercare plan to ensure a successful recovery long after the addict has completed treatment. Support systems are of the utmost importance. It is important for a recovering addict to be surrounded by positive people who know and care about their disease.

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